Industrial Research

Advanced Industrial Equipment
(Richard C. Eastman, CFA)

  • Advanced Industrial Equipment (AIE) (Weekly)

Aerospace & Defense
(Peter J. Arment)

  • Updated Flight Activity (Weekly)

Auto Services & Marketplaces
(Craig Kennison)

  • Surveys (Monthly)

Diversified Industrial & Machinery
(Mircea (Mig) Dobre, CFA)

  • Ag Equipment Retail Sales (monthly)
  • Capital Goods Bulletin (Bi-weekly)
  • Foodservice Equipment Survey (Quarterly)
  • Investor Sentiment Survey (quarterly)
  • Rental Equipment Survey (Quarterly)
  • Short Interest Update (monthly)
  • Tidbits and Lateral Reads (Bi-weekly)
  • Welding Equipment Survey (Quarterly)

General Industrial & Building Products
(Timothy Wojs, CFA)

  • ABI ( Monthly)
  • Nonresidential Construction Datapoints Overview (Monthly)
  • Surveys (Quartely)

Industrial Distribution & Environmental Services
(David J. Manthey, CFA)

  • Fastener Distributor Index (Monthly)
  • MROverview Industry News/Tidbits (Weekly)
  • Overviews (as Reported)
  • Surveys (Quarterly)

Industrial Services
(Andrew J. Wittmann, CFA)

  • E&C News & Project Highlights (Weekly)
  • E&C sector update and data review (quarterly)
  • Payrolls (Monthly)
  • Portable Storage Survey (quarterly)
  • Uniform and textile rental survey (quarterly)

Packaging & Coatings
(Ghansham Panjabi, Ph.D)

  • Panjabi’s Packaging & Coatings Scoop (weekly)
  • Panjabi’s Packaging & Coatings Unplugged (monthly)

Process Controls
(Michael Halloran, CFA)

  • AHRI Implications (Monthly)

Sustainable Energy and Mobility
(Ben Kallo, CFA)

  • Industry Reports (as Reported)

(Garrett Holland, CFA)

  • Freight Flows (Monthly)

Vehicle Technology & Mobility
(Luke L. Junk, CFA)

  • Industry Reports (as Reported)
  • Friday Drive (weekly)

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